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Dr. Stephan Lampl is considered an author of many global 
inventions in the profession. Many of his ingenuities hold global patents. For example, one of his patented products,namely “Dental Veneers and Methods of Manufacture” is

resourced as, “a dental veneer made from a composite comprising at least one organic binder, preferably with methacrylate, and inorganic solid particles as fillers.” 


His philosophy in his practice is simple, “to make it easy for his patients and make it affordable”, he says. And frankly, he is closely admired by many for his commitment to his craft.


His continuous research and development contributed the industry with just another invention: the prefabricated edelweiss POST & CORE“ system, a unique, monoblock/ single-piece, high strength custo- mizable composite POST & CORE. edelweiss dentistry believes in making dentists’ chairside treatment simple, easy and predictable.