Founded a century ago in Besançon, the clock-making and microtechnology capital of France, MICRO-MEGA manufactured its first nerve broach in 1907, earning an international reputation for itself in the process.


The uncontested leader and specialist in endodontics, MICRO-MEGA innovated in 1963 by creating the GIROMATIC® and related instruments—the GiroFile®, Rispi® and Heligiro-File®—which are used throughout the world today by hundreds of thousands of dentists.


From the introduction in 1984 of the Sonic-Air MM 1500, then the Mecasonic MM 1400, which transmit acoustic waves the length of special endodontic instruments, MICRO-MEGA has continued to be at the cutting edge of canal enlargement using the micro-bursting technique to remove mineralized tissues.


MICRO-MEGA created the HERO 642® technique in 1996 then the HERO Shaper® method in 2002. Simple, reliable, quick, and effective NiTi canal preparation methods.


In 2003, MICRO-MEGA innovated once again by launching R-Endo® InGeT®, the first comprehensive concept for endodontic retreatments.


In 2004, MICRO-MEGA expanded its InGeT® product line with ENDOFLARE® InGeT®, HERO Shaper® InGeT®, and HERO Apical® InGeT®. MICRO-MEGA also boasts a complete line of handpieces, contra-angles, and air-driven turbines and motors : High speed reduction contra-angles for implantology and bone surgery High-speed contra-angles (up to 200,000 rpm) Plus our conventional product line